Vancouver Hawks Field Hockey Club, one of Canada’s oldest sporting organizations, celebrated our 125th anniversary in 2020. We have 13 senior Men's and Women's Field Hockey teams playing in the Greater Vancouver Men's Field Hockey League and the Vancouver Women's Field Hockey Association. Our Club has proudly supplied many Provincial and National team members.

HAWKS Fees 2022/23

Membership Type 2022/2023 Membership Fee
Full Senior Member $345
Adult Goalie with Gear* $115
Junior Goalie with Gear* $115
Post-Secondary Student** $172.50

*Goalies without your own equipment and using club gear - your fees are the same as regular Adult Membership

**Please supply proof of enrollment at registration

Note: FHBC/FHC fees are mandatory. Please visit FHBC to register and pay for your 2022/2023 FHBC membership PRIOR to completing your Hawks registration. FHBC MEMBERSHIP LINK IS HERE

2022/2023 Hawks Senior Season


If you have questions or want information about our senior women’s program, our senior women’s teams, or the league in which they play, please send an email to

If you are interested in joining a senior women’s team, please contact, including your age and any prior playing experience. While we cannot assure you placement on a team midway through the season, we will do our best to find you a team with which to play.


Registration for the 2022/23 Hawks men’s teams (playing in the VMFH League) is now open: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Before you register please ensure you have your FHBC number and confirmation email in hand for the 2022/23 season - last year's membership has now expired. If you still need to obtain FHBC membership you may do so here.


Women's Teams

Vancouver Hawks Premier

Hawks Premier is the club’s flagship women’s team, competing in the Premier division in the VWFHA. Our Hawks Premier team has had a great record of winning League, Divisional Championships and the BC Indoor Championships over the past twenty years.

Coach: Matthew Sarmento
Practices: Wednesdays 6:30 - 8 pm at Wright Field

Vancouver Hawks 1

Hawks 1 is an elite team of varied ages playing in Division 1 of the VWFHA.
Coach: Kat Leahy
Practices: Wednesday 8 - 9:30 pm at Wright Field

Vancouver Hawks 2

Hawks 2 is a competitive team of varied ages playing in Division 2 of the VWFHA.
Coach: Isabella Watson
Practices: Thursday 8 - 9:30 pm at Hamber

Vancouver Hawks 3

Hawks 3 is a competitive team of young players playing in Division 4 of the VWFHA.

Practices: Mondays 7 - 8:30 pm at Wright Field

Vancouver Hawks 4

Hawks 4 is a social team of varied ages playing in Division 5 of the VWFHA.
Coach: Paul Mounter
Practices: Wednesday 7:30-9 pm at Hamber

Vancouver Hawks 5

Hawks 5 is an emerging team of varied ages playing in Division 5 of the VWFHA.
Coach: Madi Thompson
Practices: Mondays 6 - 7:30 pm at Hamber

Vancouver Hawks 6

Hawks 6 is an emerging team of young player playing in Division 6 of the VWFHA.
Coach: Elise Wong
Practices: Mondays 6 - 7:30 pm at Hamber

Vancouver Hawks 7

Hawks 7 is a social team of new and experienced players playing in Division 6 of the VWFHA.
Coach: Carolina Curti
Practices: Mondays 7 - 8:30 pm at Wright Field

Men's Teams

Vancouver Hawks A

Our flagship Men's team, the Hawks A team competes in the Vancouver Men's Field Hockey League Premier division.

You must be fully committed at the highest level to play on this team and be able to attend practices and games once a week. You must be invited to join this team.

Coach: CJ Roydhouse
Practices: Wednesdays 8:00 - 9:30pm at Wright Field

Vancouver Hawks B

The Hawks B team competes in the Vancouver Men's Field Hockey League Division 1. You must be fully committed to once a week practices and games.

Coach: Oliver Scholfield
Practices: Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:00pm at Wright Field

Vancouver Hawks C

The Hawks C team competes in the Vancouver Men's Field Hockey League Division 2. You must be fully committed to practices and games once a week.

Coach: Cedric Vaz
Practices: Thursdays 8 - 9:30pm at Hamber Field

Vancouver Hawks D

Our all ages recreational team. The Hawks D team plays in the Recreational Division of the Vancouver Men's Field Hockey League. New and Junior players are welcome. For new players an athletic background or previous participation in a team sport is necessary for your enjoyment.

Coach: Alex Bleck
Practices: Thursdays 9 - 10:30pm at Wright Field

Vancouver Hawks E

Coach: Ben Fitch
Practices: Thursdays 9:00 - 10:30pm at Wright Field

Vancouver Greyhawks (Hawks F)

Our senior Men's recreational team. A social group of players with a high level of play (for their age!). You must like post-game samosas and frothy beverages.

Practices: Wednesdays 7:30 - 9pm at Hamber Field

2022/23 Adult Women's Season Assessments - registration now open

With assessments now complete, below are the Senior Women's team rosters

Congratulations to the players selected!

Hawks Premier
Coach: Matt Sarmento
Alicia Lung
Bavneet Hothi
Calista Schwartz
Clodagh Moloney
Isabella Watson
Molly Driscoll
Rylie Novak
Simrin Dhillon
Stella Malinowski
Kathleen Leahy
Steph Gardiner
Katie Gibb
Elise Wong
Hannah Clark
Rowan Harris


Hawks 1
Coach: Kat Leahy
Alice Campbell
Taylor Chau
Carolina Curti
Chantal Flaminman
Esme Gandham
Evelyn Lee
Jo Fitch
Keira Mason
Alex Wills
Lynsey Thompson
Maria Oswald
Sarah Mills
Camille Basso-Jimenez
Leah Schneidereit-Hsu
Olyvia Wang
Shannon Stelling
Sadie Watt
Sasha Streu
Sophie Wigman


Hawks 2
Coach: Isabella Watson
Amanda Guest
Teri Barker
Francesca Fionda
Hannah Mazure
Isabella Prior
Maya Sontz
Pippa Tulk
Meghan Cavers
Zoe Mak
Madeleine Penner
Sarah Crosbie
Natalie Jodoin
Elodie Gosselin
Kim Gardiner
Lisa Mak
Alexandra Breukels
Amy Stelling
Carmen Adrian
Megan O'Brien


Hawks 3
Coach: Sean Davis
Aarani Yogeshwaran
Ainsley Yang
Simone Hamilton
Alison Roman
Nyah Fisher
Siobhan Fisher
Christina Do
Kendra Duhamel
Rachel Racey
Rebecca Crosbie
Brooklyn Pepitas
Macy Aicardi
Georgia Cooper
Ella Brunel
Abbey Hollingsworth
Rowan Wick
Beatrice Shaw
Calla Raymond
Noa Pulver
Emma Wolf


Hawks 4
Coach: Paul Mounter
Carolin Tessaro
Elizabeth Griffin
Emma Pattle
Esther Choy
Hannah Barbero
Lisa Bouilane
Evy Miki
Monica Habb
Ruby Sangha
Sarah Phillips
Elizabeth Matheson
Jill Townsend
Grace Doyle
Dorcas Oldham
Christine Roy
Camile McJunkin
Georgia Grieve
Tara-Lynn Bell
Sarah Elliott
Sally Ann Quill


Hawks 5
Coach: Madi Thompson
Aliya Klughammer
Annabelle Lang
Rowan Steves
Sienna Fabbro
Sam Hamilton
Hailey Pansegrau
Natalie Rudolph
Kate Bouchard
Makena We
Jennifer Zhang
Lynda Lawrence
Judith Cowan
Loretta Yuen
Kelly Olson
Kate Gannon
Celina Chow
Grace Jones
Rosie Gillet
Anoushka Todd
Kaelyn (Alessandra) Uy


Hawks 6
Coach: Elise Wong
Audrey Forbes
Alice Forbes
Taryn Mackenzie
Charlotte McKee
Maia Oldham
Amy Edwards
Rachna Rajavel
Olivia Hawkshaw
Jessica Atkinson
Sapphira Cohen
Sila Hobbs
Olivia Richmond
Jo Duyzer
Julie Cho
Keira Yee
Madison Bar-Dayan
Nicola Duyzer
Finn Oldham-Maclean
Kate Clay
Jane Kearney
Laura Whitney
Sofia Penalosa
Leo Romer


Hawks 7
Coach: Carolina Curti
Andy Hartshorne
Angela Bate
Deborah Jackson
Frances Tsang
Heather MacDonald
Olivia Aires da Silva
Susan Hynes
Katelyn Schick
Ava Alibhai
Gabriela Damiani
Kaya Adang
Anya Jackson
Lucy Jackson
Evva Law
Niamh Morgan
Anastasia Kason
Sarah Thomas
Angela Ellis


Questions about team assignments? Please email Matt, Hawks Head Coach HERE



We are pleased to announce our final assessment for all prospective Vancouver Hawks players.

While attendance at this assessment is not required, we strongly encourage all players to attend a final assessment. If you have not attended an assessment session this summer, attendance at the appropriate August session for your skill level is the only way to inform the proper preliminary team placement for you/your player, particularly if you/they are new to our Women’s teams.

For Premier, Division 1, and Division 2 players, the final opportunity for an assessment will be August 24, 9 - 10:30 pm at Hamber.

For Division 3 to Division 7 players, the final opportunity for an assessment will be August 26, 6 - 8 pm at Hamber. 



Returning, New, and Prospective Hawks Senior Women,

We are pleased to announce a comprehensive series of assessments for our 2022/23 senior teams, and we ask that every player who wishes to play in the senior league in 2022/23 attend at least one session. If you are unable to attend any of the appropriate sessions for any reason please complete the Statement of Intent form so that we can factor you in to our team planning. We will have further opportunity in August to place you, however, this will make things harder for your coaches, teammates, and the club so please do your best to attend.

These assessments will be overseen by our Head Coach, Matt Sarmento. Each session will have coaches from the relevant divisions plus independent assessors present, and teams will be formed based on some of the following criteria (not in order):

  • Previous coach’s evaluation
  • Performance at assessment session(s)
  • Social fit
  • Other

Players are to self-select which session(s) they are suited to attend, and you may attend as many as you wish:

Field Date Day Time Event Registration Link
Hamber June 21 Tue 8-9:30 Prem/1/2 CLOSED
Hamber June 23 Thur 6:30-8 2/3/4 CLOSED
Hamber June 23 Thur 8-9:30 4/5/6 CLOSED
Hamber June 27 Mon 6:30-8 4/5/6 CLOSED
Hamber June 28 Tue 8-9:30 2/3/4 CLOSED
Hamber June 30 Thur 6:30-8 Prem/1/2 CLOSED

*Sessions will begin promptly at the listed start time. Please arrive early enough to warm up, sign in, and receive a numbered pinnie.

Registrations will remain open until the day before the session starts, please register in advance of attending so that we have accurate player information. The Statement of Intent will be open until June 30th.

If you are not able to attend any of the above sessions, please make sure that you complete a Statement of Intent to indicate your desire to play for Hawks this coming season; failure to complete this form may restrict our ability to accommodate you should you reach out to us or attempt to register later in the summer as we have limited teams and space
LINK – HAWKS Statement of Intent.

Any junior aged 14 and up is eligible to play in the VWFHA league and we hope to see you join. All adults are of course welcome, and those new to the club are encouraged to attend the assessments.

We look forward to seeing you at the field in the coming weeks!

2022 Summer Senior Drop-In

Open to players 14+, our Summer Senior Drop In sessions start Tues. July 5th.

Registration for each session is $40 for the summer. We ask that people please limit themselves to a max of one mixed and one single gender session – if sessions do not fill up we will open up the sessions to allow for you to attend more. We are limiting the sessions in this way to ensure we do not have too many people attending the field at one time.

Session details and registration links:

Hamber Tuesdays 8-9:30pm Senior Mixed            SESSION IS FULL
Hamber Thursdays 8-9:30pm Senior Mixed CLOSED
Hamber Thursdays 9:30-11pm Senior Women CLOSED
Hamber Thursdays 9:30-11pm Senior Men CLOSED
IMG_8920_1 (1)

Hawks Ambassadors

Our Club Ambassadors are always available to help you if you have any questions about the Club or if you are not sure about which team may be appropriate for you. They come from the highest, lowest and indeed middle teams, and will be able to point you in the right direction!

Ceri Cornwall

"I started playing field hockey at age 12, much against my will as I “thought" that I preferred swimming.  Bullied into a team sport, played outside mainly in the rains of North Yorkshire, I grew to love the game. I am astounded to say that over 40 years later I’m still playing!  The occasional swim still sometimes occurs on the slightly damp fields of now, The North Shore, but the move from the grassy knolls of Yorkshire to the lush turf of Vancouver keeps my love of field hockey alive and well... New for this year is Umpiring 😉 Ceri is the person to contact at for social/competitive league hockey!"

Rolf Sickmuller

Rolf has been dribbling (rather clumsily) and whacking (rather erratically) a hockey ball since he was able to tie his shoelaces (no idea when that was, but it was certainly pre-velcro). He joined the Vancouver Hawks in 1991 and has since played on a number of teams in various divisions, still seeking the perfect placement. Rolf has, in recent years, played with the Hawks B and C teams.
Rolf can be contacted at



2022/2023 Indoor Program

We are delighted to announce our Vancouver Hawks Indoor Program!

We have been lucky enough to secure gym time at York House School for indoor this year. Sessions will be coached by paid Hawks coaches, led by our Head Coach Matt Sarmento. Players are expected to arrive early and warm up off the court, as time in the gym is limited.

Hawks have indoor sticks available to borrow. If you would like to purchase your own we have a discount available with Just Field Hockey – please email Andrew for more information. We strongly recommend all senior players wear gloves – these are available to purchase from the club at the gym for $35 each.


Senior Women (19 and up)
York House School Gym (4176 Alexandra St)
25 spaces

Senior Women
Tues Dec 6, 7-8:15pm
Tues Dec 13, 7-8:15pm
Mon Dec 19, 5:30-7:30pm GAMES
Tues Dec 20, 7-8:15pm
Mon Jan 16, 7-8:15pm
Mon Jan 23, 7-8:15pm
Mon Jan 30, 7-8:15pm



Senior Men (U15 and up)
York House School Gym (4176 Alexandra St)
25 spaces

Senior Men
Tues Dec 6, 8:15-9:30pm
Tues Dec 13, 8:15-9:30pm
Mon Dec 19, 7:30-9:30pm GAMES
Tues Dec 20, 8:15-9:30pm
Mon Jan 16, 8:15-9:30pm
Mon Jan 23, 8:15-9:30pm
Mon Jan 30, 8:15-9:30pm



Developing lifelong involvement in field hockey

Vancouver Hawks
Field Hockey Club

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