Coach Development Fund


Due to the unprecedented times of Covid 19 the Vancouver Hawks Board has allocated a set amount of funds, $1500, to be available to the current Vancouver Hawks coaching community.


This fund is to support the development of coaches through online courses during a time when no on-field coaching opportunities are available. The purpose of the fund is to further the development of the Vancouver Hawks current coaches and continue to provide engagement with these coaches during this time.


  • Increase coaching qualifications of current Vancouver Hawks coaches through successful completion of certified coaching course(s).
  • Assist in retention of qualified coaches for the upcoming field hockey season by guaranteeing a commitment from 10 or more coaches.
  • Provide development opportunity to current Vancouver Hawks coaches.


Total Funds Available: $1500
Available from: May 2020 - Sept 2020

This fund is available for Vancouver Hawks coaches that meet the below written criteria. Individual applicants may apply only once, with a maximum of $150 available per individual.

Development Fund Application Criteria:

Previously coached for the Vancouver Hawks season (Spring 2019 - Spring 2020) for a minimum of 6 weeks.

Application Process:

Coaches must submit a written request to: Alex Bale, Vancouver Hawks Club Manager, or use the form below.
The request must include:

  • Name and division of Vancouver Hawks team coached last season
  • Coaching course* name & cost
    *Coaching course(s) must be delivered by one of the following organizations: FHBC, NCCP, VIASport, CAC, Sport for Life, and FHC.
  • Reason for wanting to do the course

An application will be evaluated by the Coaching Committee consisting of Alex Bale, Stephanie Nesbitt and Matthew Sarmento

Applicants who meet the above criteria will be reimbursed for the cost of the coaching course(s), up to $150, subject to money being available.
Application review will be done based on the order (date) applications are received.

Coach Commitment:

  • Submit proof of course completion to: Alex Bale, Vancouver Hawks Club Manager,
  • Agree to commit to coaching a Vancouver Hawks team in one of the following leagues: Junior Spring League, Junior Fall League, Senior League, Indoor, Outdoor between September 2020 - August 2020*.
    *A completion of a course with Hawks funds does not limit the coach to only working with the Vancouver Hawks.

Hawks Commitment:

The Vancouver Hawks will commit a maximum of $150 to any approved application.
Recommendations and an outline of the proper coaching pathway will be provided to help guide you through the desired process.

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