And then rains came.  And, eventually, India C came too.   With Hawks C opening the season 0-2 the boys were keen to get a win and opened strongly.  Sadly, too many give aways meant that a win was not to be had this past Sunday.   With a scramble goal for Declan Cooke and final short corner goal by Alex Bleck the score was made respectable, but still a loss at 4-2.  With Cedric Vaz appointed as umpire, Joost Douwes (hamstring) ran the lines and ably took over the reins.   

But it was two other incidents that made the game memorable.   

Incident #1 (not in chronological order): Not for the first time, and not for the second time, but for times greater than two, the young gentleman Vaz was unable to hold his breakfast down during a morning match.  While suspicions may immediately run towards the chef, there is no doubt that Mrs. Lillianna Vaz is innocent of such charges, and likely prepares a most healthy, satisfying (though vegan) breakfast to her one and only darling son.   Mr. Vaz Jr. it appears is the victim of late night, pre-game shenanigans that our younger members would be wise to avoid.  Full credit to the gentleman as after losing his breakfast he was ready for his next shift and played a solid game throughout.   

Incident #2 had Herr Bleck deep in our defensive zone defending a rushing attack to the keeper’s (Chad Ross) left along the baseline.  As described by Herr Bleck, as he defended, he lost his footing and stumbled, putting out his hand to brace himself, his hand accidentally came to be resting on the ball.  Having the ball in his hand, he reflexively removed the ball, sending it over the end line.  A quick whistle from John Nolan indicated a penalty corner.  India Club, not satisfied with the call appealed.    Cedric Vaz, the umpire from the other end came down to talk to John, and, after agreeing that the weather was indeed miserable, was informed that the call was John’s.   John apparently had called a foul earlier on Herr Bleck and that the removal of the ball from the field of play was after that.  Other team members have differing memories.  Chad Ross clearly recalls seeing Herr Bleck falling, reaching for the ball and tossing it off the end line and as a result anticipated a penalty stroke call and yellow card for Herr Bleck.  Ian MacKenzie remembers the second coming of the Hand of God (die Hand Gottes), distinctly seeing a third hand, disconnected from Herr Bleck performing the egregious foul.   


It is at this writing that the author proposes that the reinstitution of the DotD award be considered by the team and nominates Herr Bleck as its first recipient in the 2019-20 season. 


Line Up: Alex Bleck, Edmund Cheung, Declan Cooke, Jacob Cowan, Wayen deJong, Ben Fitch, Alex Foxcroft, Manvir Kundi, Ian MacKenzie, Chris Purcell, Kirin Robinson, Chad Ross, Duncan Ross, Nicolas Seigneur, Rolf Sickmuller, Carter Skippen, Daria Vaz