Game Report
1:00 – 2:30, 28th September 2019 at West Van C
Temperature: 21.3 Celsius
Humidity: comfortable
Dew Point: no idea what that is
Windchill: 0 Celsius
Wind Direction: just a tiny bit from the beach
Cloud cover: didn’t check
Precipitation: only from the water canons
UV: higher than Prince Rupert but lower than Eugene, Oregon

Result: 2-0

Summary: best game so far except for the one the week after but readers are not supposed to know that as time travel is still not possible. Good possession game and very few mistakes.

Players highlights:
Ed made a magical backhand stop from a slightly dodgy pass from Bleck.
Dougie controlled the game from the back as usual and lifted the standard of play for everyone.
Trio of midfielders widely known as the BCDs (Bleck, Charlie, Dario) were speedie, spinny, and superb.
Bleck was sent off only once (by his coach), Charlie fooled everyone again with his deceptive sweep passes and Dario’s breakfast had sufficient time to pass through his stomach.
Will was a little rusty at times but made up for it with his superior athletism and had an easy tap in to give us the go-ahead goal. He has also replaced his cotton wool shin guards since.
Carter worked hard fore-checking and winning battles for the forwards with his cheetah acceleration.
Ian was solid and showed off his hand eye coordination by stopping aerials thanks to countless hours of ping pong during his lunch breaks.
Kirin took a one-timer off a rebound inside the right post to give the insurance goal. Say no more…
Foxy was a little jetlagged but still made his trademark diving tackles. The new turf is same as grade 20 sandpaper (not available at Home Depot). He did apply a standard size bandage that covered one-tenth of the missing epidermis. Excellent blood management.
Jacob was solid as usual making all the right decisions even when he plays on the left.
Duncan showed off his 3D skills at times and was a handful for the tiring West Vanners.
Ross played right back and did it all.
Chad was a little pissed as the defenders played a little too well for his liking.
Last but not least, Ed made a magical backhand stop…

Man of the Match: Doug Harris
DoTD: no real candidate so we chose Will