Coaching Opportunities

Volunteer Coaching Opportunities

Volunteerism is one of the core values of Hawks and we encourage all our members to give back to the community. The following volunteer coaching positions are currently available:

Team Coach
We have several positions open for team coaches. At younger age groups coaches are responsible for preparing and running practices while at the older ages coaches are also responsible for weekend games. Please email for more details.

Assistant Team Coach
We have several positions open for assistant team coaches. Assistant team coaches are responsible for helping the team coach deliver coaching sessions and coaching games where necessary. They do not lead the sessions overall but may be asked to lead part of a session or look after a smaller group of athletes. Please email for more details.

Paid Coaching Opportunities

Please click the links for more details about each program:

Pre-Season Tune-Up 
Feb 17th to Mar 3rd

Lead Coach - 2 positions
Junior Coach - 6 positions

Mar 31st to June 16th

Lead Coach - 1 position
Junior Coach - 4 positions

Mar 25th to June 17th

Lead Coach - 4 positions
Lead coaches will assist volunteer coaches at the younger age groups in planning and delivering sessions. For more details please email